Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Love Affair

I admit it. I am having an affair. I love it and it loves me back and I don't care who knows it. It's...the Salvation Army. Today I found the most perfect fitting black pants I have ever owned. New, for $3.99. I then found the most perfect Jetson-esque chair to use while using my laptop at my desk (read...table). The chair was $2.99. I got a long sleeved Champion workout under armore-esque pink shirt, and a satiny shirt. That was today.
The other day I got a large purse that clasps like a coin purse, for $.99. Plus 3 undershirts and a Long, black wool coat.
The thing of it is this. I am at a point in my life, where I am sick of not wearing what I like. I hate the clothes in stores right now, they have zero personality, they are no fun, and I would look like everyone else. The thing is, I am not like everyone else. I have never been like everyone else. At the salvo or any other thrift store, I can scour racks for clothes that speak to me. That make me laugh, make me smile, giggle, and downright shake my head. I need new clothes. I have been existing in rib tanks all summer and frankly, I can't wait till summer is over so I can stop wearing them. That being said, I will need clothes to put on in their place and this time, I am not going to go the "it fits me so I am getting one in every color route" I've done it before and I am not doing this time! I am having fun with getting my new wardobe and I can guarantee no one....will look like me.

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