Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My vintage/retro love

I have been thinking more and more about getting what I wear up to date with what I want to wear. I love vintage looks. I really do. But whenever I get the thought in my head about them, I always wonder what I would do with my hair. I normally wear my hair in a boring ponytail or down with a head band. However, today while whiling my time on Pinterest....ooh that naughty site taking all my attention away from "real" life, I found a tutorial. And I plan on trying it. Because, I could do this with my hair and wear with my vintage dresses I love so much and then from there try new things!!

I found this on pinterest and followed the link to a great blog about vintage fashion and sewing and the like. I'm SO glad I was browsing today!!
The blog is called  Elegant Musings and she has a great Youtube channel with awesome videos and stuff.

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