Monday, August 8, 2011

angry spells and mean streaks

Ok today is Monday. I have to make a confession. I have a mean and nasty streak. Every once in a while I turn in to the worst person to be around. I get mean I get nasty, nothing I say is nice, and a perfectly innocent statement from somebody else can be responded to with devil ray stare. Then mean words. The words just bubble up and before I can stop them, out they come.
The thing is, these moods come out of the blue. There is no warning, and really no reason for them. I'm not even just saying there is no reason for them, there really is NO reason for them! But this weekend, I was in one of those awful moods where no one could say or do anything right and if given provocation, I could have turned violent. So I'm sorry husband, for being miserable to be around. I'm sorry dog for looking at you meanly, and I'm sorry children, for not being who I ought to be! I love you all.

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