Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To Disney...and beyond!

I haven't posted in a million years and I am sure all my readers...hello...are you out there? hang on let me clear the cobwebs away...oh sorry....there you are....hi! Anyway, so at the beginning of the month we went on a big fun old fashioned family vacation with my side of the family. I was nervous to a degree, dragging around 12 people through airports, and parks, and Orlando and everything could be worth being nervous about, especially with family. You never know if people are going to argue or fight or whatever. But seriously?? By mid week I thought we should be gathered around a campfire singing Kumbyah and holding hands. It was an amazing trip. We got along, we had fun, we laughed, we were constantly on the go, and it was tiring and lovely.
Did I mention Kayla and I trained dolphins at Sea World? Oh I didn't?
Grandma, Bunka and Em and Kayla at Sea World....Em is hard to photograph when tired out!!!

Kayla now more than ever wants to be a marine biologist and Dolphin trainer
Kayla scatter feeding the dolphins in the dolphin nursery

Me and my coffee at the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot

I love coffee

Dress from Bunka and ears from Aunt Shellie

Me and Husband at end of our big kids day at Epcot

Waxing poetic about beers

Kayla moments before be made a Princess by the King at Medieval Times

One of my favorite pics from vacation. So much going on!

Our knight in shining armor. We refer to him as Emily's boyfriend because he gave her his favor and she hated it!

We went to Sea World, Magic Kingdon, Epcot (the kids went with Grandma and Bunka to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios) and we went to the beach and Medieval Times and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and everything was AWESOME! Oh did I mention it was my birthday while down there and I turned 31? I didn't?? OH. it was and I did! I got crowned Birthday Wench at Medieval Times. It was way hilarious. I close out this blog with a picture of the bag I bought to tote on the plane and then at the parks to store all the crap I knew we would end up buying there....

Or I would. However, Blogger's photo uploading capabilities is really sub par and cannot handle the awesomeness that is my bag. Anyway I was teased endlessly about this bag by the guys in my family, mainly my husband and it came in handy a MILLION times. I also wanted to post a bunch of other pictures but suffice it to say, it's not happening. Anyway, that's what I did in the beginning of October. Now that I am 31 I am moving on to some big girl making Steampunk stuff.....for myself. I know I said big girl stuff but well honestly, let's be honest.....that will never happen!!