Saturday, April 23, 2011

rain rain go away

It's raining. Again. Or still. I'm not sure which. Last April, we had the little pool in the backyard out by the first week of April. it was hot and sunny and I kept almost planting my garden because it was to nice out to ever frost again. This year, here it is almost May and it has rained almost every day this month. When it wasn't rainy, it was so windy that my head almost blew off. There was one day when it was about 74 or so, but the wind was so bad that it wasn't enjoyable! I'm not depressed about it. I swear I'm not. And to prove it, I will now sit and write approximately 3 things that are good about the rain.

1. My grass is REALLY green
2. I can't mow my lawn because it hasn't stopped raining. The good thing is....neither can ANYONE ELSE
3. The lack of sun has prevented me from getting a tan. So don't worry husband...I'm to pale to leave you for a carnival man.

Now there is a saying everyone says and hears. "If you don't like the weather in (Insert name here) wait a will change". For those of us here in NY, it's more like "If you don't like the weather in NY, wait until April 30th" because the first non raining day we are expected to have is a week from today. So enjoy your weather wherever you are. Drink some coffee, grab a blanket and dig in. It's gonna be a wet one!!

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