Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm writing this from tornado zone.

Ok not really. however right now in my area of the world there is a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado watch(Now it actually at the time of posting this a warning and right over where my parents live) . Ask yourself this. If you were me what would you do? If the answer is throw on your bathrobe, grab your computer and a drink and head out to your local back porch...then you are just like me!! I'm out on my back porch with my laptop and in my bathrobe. Now you may ask yourself, what is she doing in her bathrobe? The answer is this. If I happen to see a tornado gathering, I want to be on the news. And when I am on the news, nothing seems more fitting than being in a bathrobe. Then I will state the following words..." I saw the whole thing".
This is me outside in the storm. Unfortunately my webcam takes tiny pics.

It won't be right if I am not in my bathrobe. I think the the storm seems to be veering off in another direction, or it's just taking it's time getting here. I will be bummed if a good thunderstorm misses us. Especially with the possibility of hail. Talk about exotic!!Oh I see. It will be in my area at 7:55. That means I have approximately 8 minutes before I have to run inside. Or sooner. So my computer and my self don't get zapped to death. May be sooner than that, the wind is blowing to hard that I am getting raindrops on my feet. Anyway, just thought I would share!!

Well time to go in it is starting to pour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Now you just need to black out a tooth or two and you'll be all set!! Nice bathrobe by the way, it looks fuzzy.