Sunday, January 9, 2011

Update: Lazy eh hem Sunday

Ok so I know there are still a few hours left before I will head to bed. Which is good because I didn't quite accomplish what I wanted to do today. But I did get Kayla's room hoed out. It was insane. I got her bin system sorted out so it could be used the way it was intended. I also took a few pics outside, not nearly as many as I had wanted to because it was 24 out but the Weather channel said it felt like 10. I am going to get some tea now, and look at the new Country Living magazine. Maybe rip out some pictures that I like. I also moved my inspiration board just now, so now it is near my desk. Here are some pictures from outside:

This pine tree is one of two that was given away at an event we attended. They are basically just a branch that had roots, but apparently it was enough. So far they are surviving, and since I love pine trees I want them to grow big and strong. I don't care if it kills our grass. I just don't. Here is a picture of the inspiration board and my nook with my desk. Just so you have a visual reference:

 The nook I am in is actually bigger than it looks on here! Anyway, onward to the rest of my Sunday evening.

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  1. Your nook looks cozy, I like it. Also, I love your pine tree with the ornament. It reminds me of Charlie Brown.