Monday, January 17, 2011

Tiffany Windows and an Antique Church

Saturday I went to Antiques at the Establishment in a little town called Campbell, in NY. The church is filled with antiques, including the main floor, the two upstairs rooms and the basement. Because it is so huge there is very little heat(and is also part of the reason the church was sold, they couldn't afford to heat the place and the membership declined) and the basement is not heated at all. it was 14 degrees on Saturday so it was freezing! The women who owns the church is very nice, and serves coffee and tea to help keep you warmed up!

I asked if it was ok to take photographs(just to be polite) and she said yes and her husband said, "Yeah while you are at it could you sell some of those Tiffany windows?". Neighborhood kids have been shooting bee bee guns at these gorgeous Tiffany windows!

It's a shame to me about the windows. Business is slow in there, and part of that is the heat. But I think the biggest issue is, like a lot of antique stores, they are not open often, and do not really advertise a lot so people know when they are open. They are open 11-4 Wednesday thru Saturday and then 12-4 on Sunday. I think what they really need is a good website!  Anyway, I bought 2 advertising postcards that are really cute, and an older camera. Just because I really like cameras. Then my mom gifted me a stack of vintage Valentines, Easter Cards and St. Patricks day cards which are really cool. 

 This hair dryer rocks my socks off! I loved the color of it.

I am in love with this. I want it in my kitchen and begone with my current day stove! This to me is just gorgeous.

This is the camera I bought. it doesn't work, but I liked the look of it. I have a thing for cameras. Not necessarily the really old ones, but there are some that really speak to me and this one did. I think this weekend while my 4 year old I am going to paint my dining room. I am planning on painting it white. Crisp, white. I really really like the look of white because I can change the decorations to suit me. Right now I have a color called Victorian Purple and it is so dark, and I am sick of it!! I thought white would be rough with little kids and a dog, but I have been reading lots about white and how it is easier to maintain. We will see. If I don't like, i will just paint over it, because I love to paint. Anyway I am off to get something done! Have an awesome day. I'm sure I will be back:)

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  1. You should get one of those cubby things to display all your cameras. I keep seeing that around the internet. It would look cool on your living room wall or something.