Sunday, January 9, 2011

A lazy sunday

Well for the first time since October I don't have to work today. I have a few plans, one involves a new Country Living magazine. Another involves snow, a baby pine branch that we planted to grow, my camera and who knows. I am working on a new banner for the website my father runs for a local winterguard, so I'm looking forward to that. My girls and husband are home, so it will be nice to be all together. I am also going to change the location of the inspiration board my sister Shawna made for me for my birthday. Now that I have a desk area in my living room ina little nook, I am going to hang it so I can look at it while I am at my computer.

I would also like to try out one of the science kids my oldest daughter got for Christmas. My sister Shawna made my girls soaps with squinkies inside, you can see them here!

But Kayla got a soap making kit for Christmas but that really needs to wait. We have soap nubs all over the bathroom. The girls have been trying to get the squinkies out so they stay in the bath FOREVER, and then try and gouge the soaps out. Once they get them out, the nubs are left to rot on the edge of the tub so we have a ton of them!

On another note, I find this very irritating. It's winter here and it's snowy and cold. So what does that make me want to do? Go to flea markets and yard sales. I wanted to spend days doing these things. Guess what there aren't any of? Yep. Flea markets and yard sales. Our local Salvation Army is terrible. I mean it. Anyway,  I suppose it's off to do something i want to do before I lose the ambition!

In closing i am leaving you with a picture. One that makes me think of warm stuff and flea markets and yard sales and days out in the backyard!


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  1. Yeah for random days off!! It's funny that you mentioned the soaps because guess what I'm making today. You guessed it, soap. They're going to be individual soaps though, so no little nubs everywhere. :-) I can't wait to hear more about what you accomplish on this lazy Sunday. Oh, and there is a flea Binghamton....or Scranton. I was going to do that today but didn't get up in time. Oh well, spring will be here soon...ish.