Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Banging Start to 2013

Ok it's time for me to brag some. I'll be honest I don't think I brag nearly as much as I could. But I"m going to do it now and I am going to love every minute of it. Ok first thing. I got a new camera for Christms. It's a Canon T3i, which is AMAZING. Also I got a new Canon 300mm lens for it which is also AWESOME. I received a ukelele for Christmas and lessons from my sister which is SUPER exciting because I have been wanting one for a couple of years now. Ok 3rd I got my favorite photo editing software ever. Adobe Lightroom makes editing a snap and beautiful. My husband bought me a Nook HD which is really really nice and I didn't know I wanted one until I had it and realized it is WAY AWESOME. Ok put those aside in your mind.
I took a few pictures but not many just yet!

2nd thing: I am starting the new year off with a new job. I have been at my current job for 5 years and felt like it was truly home. I worked at a childcare center and though I didn't realize it, it may be my calling.I will missing working with the amazing people I have worked with but it's time to start moving forward:)  I will be starting off the new year as an Activity Specialist at a before and after school care program in the local school district with amazing benefits and full time status. But wait you say...there's more??? Why yes there is!

3rd thing. A photograph I took is in the top 8 of a contest for the Beach House rental company that my Mother and Father in law use every year to rent our beach house. If I win the photo will appear on the cover of their 2013 Booklet and I will receive a Canon D20 underwater camera. Now I don't really need the camera, but wouldn't it be awesome to see my picture on the cover? For me it would be!! You can vote if you want, I really want you too:)

Talk about charmed. If there could be a better way to start the new year I don't really know it.

Hope your new year is as good as I think mine is going to be!!
 Me and my Nephew!

 Happy 2013!!

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