Monday, November 12, 2012

Where did the time go?

I haven't blogged in a really long time. Duh you say. Duh. Pretty obvious when my last post was January. Woops. I just haven't felt much like sharing things. Isn't that sad? When you stop sharing your life with others it is almost like it isn't happening. Almost. During the summer our family was blessed with 2 new bundles of absolute joy.

My beautiful niece Roryanna Jessica
My stunning daughters!
My nephew Benjamin and his girlfriend Belle:)
And of course my girls and the babies and their aunts:) on Halloween of course!

 Now there have been other things that have happened as well. Such as:
First day of Middle School!

First day of Kindergarten!

 Plus we went to the beach!

All the Nieces and Nephews from my husbands side of the family!! SO ADORABLE!

And we lost my Grandma to cancer

The summer was full of wonderful things, and very hard things as well and as glad as I was to see it come I am glad it is over. I feel like I needed Fall to regroup, take stock and prepare to move forward. It may not be all planned out, but at least I know it's time to move ahead and am prepared for whatever that brings.

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