Monday, September 12, 2011

A catch up post

I haven't posted anything interesting in a while. I know this. It's not my fault. Why it's not my fault I don't know. But whatever. So this will be a long post and it will go in no particular order.
1. I watched the first episode of New Girl with Zooey Deschanel. I love her. Love the show and feel like maybe there is part of me in that show.

2. I miss NYC desperately. Started watching the show Rescue Me and combine that with the 10 year anniversary of September 11, I am desperate to get back there.

3. Kayla turned 10 August 16th. We went mini golfing and I thought I was going to die of heat.
 The guys...aren't they awesome?!?
 The long legged Kayla bird
 Mom trying to help Em.
 My older sister Shawna
 My brothers beautiful girlfriend Bethani
 And just can't take him anywhere.

And then there's me.
4. Kayla wanted cookies instead of cake...bummer for me

 So I improvised....

5. I taught myself to knit, although I did mention that in a previous post I thought I would share a couple of cruddy pictures of my awesomeness

The blue one is the first I did. the purple is Emily's. She forced me to knit as fast as possible. I mean, that when I would rest my hands for a few minutes, she would come over and place the needles back in my hands. Serious Slave Driver.

6. Kayla started 5th grade. I think had i been feeling better I would have cried. Next year I will have a middle school and a kindergartner!! YIKES!! I will bawl at drop of next year!

Emily and Kayla on Kayla's first day of school. Note the Safety Patrol Badge. She is an important kid!!

7. I was really sick for about a week. Glad that's over!

8. Finally something that makes me really happy. Rob Thomas was voted the #5 best songwriter of the decade. And I love him. And know every song. So in tribute to him check out their Youtube channel. It's awesome!!

Anyway, that's all for now, more to come!! 

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