Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's Tuesday

I"m not entirely sure why my title is "It's Tuesday" other than, well...it is! I have not written a blog in a while. I've been kind of down in the dumps actually to be honest. No reason really, I just have periods of time when this happens. As people point out, I have an entire summer off. From May 21 till August 22. Awesome right? You would think so. Sometimes I'm deliriously happy about it, like the other day. Somedays I just don't know what I want. The days drag by, in a haze. I'm mad because my car is having problems, I'm mad because I don't get paid during the summer, I'm grumpy because there are 9 billion things I think sound awesome but I don't know where to start. Then it gets all piled up in a big pile of grump. So I am in the process of draggin my self out from under the pile of grump.

Today at a place called the Benjamin Patterson Inn, I was given a brief intro to the world of Hand spinning fibers. IT WAS AWESOME!! You can easily make a hand spinner and I think I just might. We left there, we being me and my girls and headed to the library to return our reading slips for the summer reading club. I found a great book called Learning Hand Spinning Visually, or something like that and it has really nice pictures and stuff. So I'm cautiously optimistic that I have found something I will enjoy. Or at least hold my curiosity for a little while. I am also devoting some time over summer to learning the local history and getting more involved with the historical society that we became members of.
Hand Made Drop Spindle
Last night the 4th of July fireworks the city put on were beautiful. It was the most clear night we have had in years I think and the fireworks were gorgeous. I was really happy to go to those and just be amazed. There was a group of people sitting behind us. About  halfway in to the fireworks I was both shocked and amazed to hear one of the guys say something along the lines off..."this seems like the perfect spot for something to start playing Tchaikovsky". My previous opinion of them kind of got eroded a little. This was the same guy who when a firework burst down by the guys setting them off said, "it would have been cooler if they had hit someone". I guess what it really boils down to is that sometimes people say things relative to who they are with. The getting hurt comment was to show off. The Tchaikovsky comment I believe came from a special place deep down that was more for himself than for his friends. I like that.

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