Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am woman hear me mow!!...or don't!

When we first moved into our house about 5 and a half years ago ish, there was a lawn mower already here. We used it once or twice I think, then it needed a new spark plug. Then another and another or whatever. So we bought a new one. Then last year that one broke and was only running at half power or whatever. We tried to fix it, read a lot of tutorials etc. Well, to be honest, neither one of us is exactly motor fixing inclined. We thought about buying an expensive power mower that maybe wouldn't need to be repaired. Then, I thought, NO. I want a REEL mower. Like 1950's smiley guy inside a white picket fence mower guy. So we did some research and decided to go for it. I was slightly concerned at first because we have a rather big yard(in my perspective because well when mowing with the power mower it sometimes took me as much as an hour and 30 minutes).

The first time I used it it took me a while to get used to and the grass was very long from all the rain and it being the first mow and all. The last time I did half and husband did other. This time I did the entire thing in less than 40 minutes. I powered home from work and went right to town because we are supposed to have severe thunderstorms from 3-5 and the longer the grass is the harder it is to cut. So I just did it.

Let me explain something to you about the real power behind the REEL mowers. I can hear myself think. I can hear the phone ring. I can hear my kids talking to me, and I can have headphones on on 9 out of 20 volume and still here the music and the world around me. I can hear the birds sing and the dog bark. I am in love. And there is the thunder!! MAN I'M GOOD!!!

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