Wednesday, March 2, 2011

twitterpaited or just plain birdbrained

This morning there is an awful lot of activity going on our my little house. On my front porch, there is a pair of House Finches preparing to make a nest on my porch. They are doing the things you would normally do when scouting a place for a home. First looking at the neighborhood. They have checked out the porch, the butterfly bush, the screen door, and the birdhouses that are sitting on the front porch. Then they flew up to where a nest was last year(I believe it is the same couple:) and began cleaning up the tiny remnants from their old nest. The male is of course very beautiful, he has a red hewed head and chest. The female, well, she's a bird. Out in the backyard more bird related insanity. There are a bunch of Blue Jays flying to and fro out there, from crab apple treet to hedge and back again. There is a male and female cardinal(whom I tried to photograph during the snowstorm but my lens and camera inside left spots galore). Last year cardinals made a nest in the hedge out back and before long there were baby cardinals learning to fly out of it. There is another couple of birds, I'm not sure exactly what kind they are other than small and adorable out back that I believe are completely twitterpaited!! There are some other tiny little birds back in the hedge just chirping away.

Is spring coming? Could it be that the birds believe spring will be early and are staking their claims now? I HOPE SO. I am including some pictures I took on Friday, they are not great but it's ok. I will swallow my pride and show you my imperfect pictures!

So there you have it. Snow day birdular type activity. I will have to get some springular type activity pics soon!

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  1. Wow, you really do have a lot of activity going on!!! Love the pics, especially that cardinal in all the snow. PRETTY!!!