Saturday, March 19, 2011

Inspiration Journals

So I haven't posted in a really long time and a lot of that is because I have gone inward for a while! I have been working on an inspiration journal of the things I love, the places I want to go, and events and feelings I want to experience. I have also been reading...alot and have read 7 books in a 2 week period. I've also been working out, and taking Zumba and Dancesport Endurance at the YMCA and that more than anything has opened me up again. There is something about exercising, no, not just exercising, dancing that reawakens who I am down to the very core of myself. I have more energy, I'm feistier, and I take better care of myself all the way around now that I am back to working out.

I have stopped for the moment, my casting about to find what I want to do with my life. I have pushed the "I am sitting back and enjoying myself for a while and maybe that something will find me" button. I think you can only search for so long, before you get to this point. A time is going to come when I find what I am always looking for. I might as well let it come to me instead of me to it because that is obviously not working.

I am a very verbal person. Very. But there are somethings I keep to myself. I don't talk alot about and one of those things is my love of horses. I don't necessarily have posters of them, or read books about them, but if I close my eyes I can see them running down the beach, or I can feel how a horses nose feels in my hand. I dream of learning to ride them and seeing the wild horses. Someday.

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