Friday, February 4, 2011

Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life

I have to share something that happened to me tonight because my heart is overwhelmed:) First of all I took my girls out to dinner tonight and we went to the Chinese Buffet near our house. As we walked in one of the waitresses commented on how gorgeous our headbands were which we got from a certain awesome person's Etsy store:

Then as we sat down a gentleman and a lady I would say in their late 60's asked me if I had a little princess with them because of course my youngest was dressed in a huge poofy pink dress, pink sweater, and pink striped leggings. I said of course and they told her she was gorgeous. Well we sat down to eat and after quite a while they got up to leave. The came over to me and this is the converstaion that insued:

Lady: Your headbands are beautiful!
Me: Thank you my sister made them.
Lady: Well she did a great job.
The she lowered her voice and said to me: "Your girls are absolutely beautiful.
Me:Well thank you very much!
Lady: Really they are.
Then her husband looked at me and said:
Man: I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you interact with your children. You are a joy to watch. Every parent should be that way with their children.
Me: (Bursting with pride) Thank you so much. They mean a lot to me
Man: Well, and they are growing up beautifully are they not?
Me:Yes they definitely are
Them:Have a good night enjoy your weekend.

It made me feel good to think that strangers would think that I am doing a good job with my children. it made me wonder. Are good parents in such short supply that it is a surprise when you do find them? Or is it that the bad ones make themselves known so much more?

Also my fortune tonight said this and I am so excited and love this!!
"Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life."

How perfect is that statement? How much better of a fortune could that be? Everyday the way you respond to the little things, is what makes up your big picture.
Kayla's was:
A great surprise is waiting for you
Emily's was
A happy life is right before your eyes

What a fun night at the Chinese place. Seriously.

here are some pictures of me and my girls in the headbands we got!

Awesome. Great. Fabulous Day. the end


  1. What a fantastic thing to have happen!!! It's only right that other people notice how awesome you, and the girls, are!! Oh, and the headbands looks gorgeous on you all!! Emily's pics made me laugh out loud. She's such a ham. Kayla looks beautiful! And of course, you look fabulous!!

  2. what lovely kids ypu have! and the headbands are gorgeous!